The Association of Ladies in Serbia SPES

SPES is an association of successful women from varied walks of life. It originated as a broader circle of friends, social and professional acquaintances, all successful women in their respective fields, with the idea to use their connections in order to direct young women of all profiles and to provide a starting point for all women who want to start off or improve their careers and their life in general. Having realised that many women feel alone and in need of support and practical advice when realising their endeavours, they decided to join forces and bring about change though cooperation.

If you want to achieve something quickly, do it yourself. If you want to achieve something great - unite. The motto of our members is: All for one, and one for all!

Future Events


Saturday, April 6th, 2019

For our beloved members we organized one-day excurions, when we are going to visit The Castle Dundjerski, Monastery Kovilj and Musem of honey and wine.


Thursday, February 21st, 2019

In order to offer to our members the most interesting tourist destinations organized by SPES, we will visit this year's Tourism Fair in Belgrade. We invite you to join us!


Sunday, February 17th, 2019

We invite our dear members to join us on Sunday at a traditional English lunch, where they will have the opportunity to spend wonderful moments with their old friends, as well as to gain new acquaintances.

Benefits for members

Some of the benefits for members at The Association of Ladies in Serbia SPES

Discount for products and services from our members

Membership in the The Association of Ladies in Serbia SPES provides discounts on the products and services provided by our members.

Travel in Serbia and abroad, at discounted prices

Make a discount for the desired travel arrangement from our partner, the company English Tours.

Networking and socializing

Connect with successful people from various fields. If you want to achieve your goals, surround yourself with successful, accomplished people, who spread optimism.

Free education and advices

In our association you will have the opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills that will help you in your professional and personal development.

Testimonials of our members


I am very proud to be in the SPES from the very beginning. It's an association of exceptional women with wonderful energy, that we exchange through joy and beauty, throught socializing, great travels, shared visions, and awakened creativity. In SPES we became better, happier and really nicer persons.

Ljiljana Ćuzović

English language professor


I was pleased with the invitation of the Association SPES to become a member. Creative and dynamic group of beautiful women who are gathering by sharing their experiences, willingness to share them, and positively influence the community and other women in a way that results in positive changes, I was immediately close to this Association. On the other hand, through the sharing of experiences on beautiful joint trips and events, the impression only confirmed and deepened.

Tamara Lucia Perović
Psychologist and Consultant for Private Practice


In spite of the stress of everyday life and the constant race with time and growing obligations, I found a balance in SPES, I found what seems to me to be slowly forgotten, a true friendship, a warm and relaxed atmosphere where humor, good mood and goodwill reign . Simple desire to make everyone feel comfortable and respected. With a nice socializing, discovering new places, gaining new experiences and exchanging ideas on topics that are of particular interest or concern to us. Spes is my oasis of peace.

Ivana Bučkić
/ She works at the Bank of Vojvodina

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