Vesna De Vinča

Ms. Vesna de Vinca is a journalist, TV and film author, writer, fashion and beauty event producer.

Professional TV Experience
Since 1993, Ms. Vesna de Vinca was the exclusive TV program editor in the Documentary program of the Serbian state TV network (RTS). Her TV programs were broadcast via RTS satellite. Since 2004 she is running her private „De Vinca Production“. She has authored more than 50 documentary, exclusive TV portraits.

Top Encounters
The TV Series „Top Encounters” (1993 – 2011) comprise exclusive documentary programs in the form of philosophical TV portraits of world famous figures interviewed by Ms. De Vinca, covering a broad spectrum of politics, science, culture, and documentary content, also verging into sensitive situations. She is first women reporter from war in ex Jugoslavia.

More than 50 celebrities were Ms. De Vinca’s guests, including:

Simon Wiesenthal, world famous Nazi hunter (TV films „The Wall” and „Victim”)
Dame Elizabeth Murdoch, Melbourne, Cruden farm, Australia. Exclusive TV interview with the 102 year old greatest Australian philanthropist and Rupert Murdoch’s mother.
Gina Lollobrigida, the venerable film star (TV film „Ah Gina, Gina”)…
Muamer El Quaddafi, the untouchable Libyan leader (TV films „There is noone writes to the Colonel” and „Son of the Desert”, TV interview before and after his rapprochement to the USA )
Arthur C. Clarke, world famous science fiction writer („King Arthur’s Sky”)
Yassar Arafat with his family („Abu Amar” and „Zahua”)
Paco Rabanne, world famous fashion designer („The Raven”)
Sirimavo Bandaranaike, first woman premier in the world, in Sri Lanka („Tough Gentleness of Madam Sirimavo”)
Pablo Raptis, 100 year-old General Secretary of the Fourth International, who became leader of the International after the death of Leon Trotsky („Pablo, the Walking History“)…

The series has been broadcast by RTS documentary programs Dept. (Radio Television Serbia – State TV); RTS satellite channel; TV PINK – the most popular private television in South East Europe; and BN-TV and BN-TV Satellite in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

​PhD in Communication Science, Megatrend University, Belgrade, Serbia.
Master and BS degree in Economics, University of Belgrade, Serbia.

In her PhD thesis – „Exclusive TV Journalism,” Ms. De Vinca specifically objectified comprehensive knowledge – representing the quintessence of producing a TV exclusive – that hadn’t previously been exposed to the scientific community. The attempt to define the categories, detect the paths and the principles of exclusive television journalism, and finally the contemplative design of an entirely new model of making a TV exclusive – constituted the fundamental intent of the thesis.

Languages – English, Spanish, Russian, Serbian

Vesna de Vinca serves since 2006 as a jury member on the ÉCU The European Independent Film Festival
In Paris, led by the Oscar winner Scott Hiller.

Event production
Ecology and culture – she is author of international projects.
Author of the project/book and serial of events „Serbia, Land of Lilacs” (supported by royal families from Europe – Bourbons, Karageorgevich, Orleans, Liechtenstein, and Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem). We planted over 8,000 lilacs. Author of the project „Belgrade Calling! – Save Christmas trees! ” (supported by MENSA Serbia, Olympic committee of Serbia and European Rotaract org.) saving more than 2,000 trees.

Fashion, beauty and art producer
De Vinca Production produces international fashion shows, “beauty with purpose” events, and editorials for magazines.
As a general producer Vesna organized the Fashion Week in Greece in Thessalonica, (“International fashion forward”) in 2007, 2008.
In 2007, 2009 she created event Balkan Beauty ambassador – in Porto Carras and Thessalonica, working with “Fashion TV “…
She is author of Serbia new brand and event “Serbia Fashion Day” ( Paris 2016, 2017).
As a public figure Ms. De Vinca is President of Miss Serbia and Miss Montenegro organizations under licenses from Miss World (owner - Julija Morley) and Miss Universe (owner - Donald Trump).

Humanitarian work
Vesna de Vinca provided full 4-year university scholarships for 364 young women, finalists Miss Serbia and Miss Montenegro pageants!
Working with the Order of Saint Lazarus, she donated medical equipment to hospitals in Kraljevo and Slankamen in Serbia.
Vesna is MENSA Serbia member

Current projects
Event project “Dubai kids land”, book “Beauty mystery”, book “How to survive 21 Century”

Private life
She lives and works on the river boat “De Vinca”.
Vesna de Vinca is a pseudonym taken by Vesna Jugovic, with the desire to promote the Vinca civilization that flourished on the banks of the Danube near Belgrade – 5000 years before Jesus Christ.