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Excursion to Eastern Serbia – Negotin and Rajačke pimnice
In November 2018 we had a nice one-day excursion to Eastern Serbia, when we visited Negotin and Rajačke pimnice. We[...]
Lake Ohrid 2018
One weekend in October this year, our members visited Lake Ohrid. During this two-day excursion, our cheerful company visited all[...]
Excursion to Brčko, Bijeljina and Ethno village Stanišići
The acquaintance of SPES members with Mr. Jovetic Jeftić took place at Pasuljijada in Krčedin. Our positive spirit, joy and[...]
Trip to Budapest
Mid-October, a three-day trip to Budapest and a new adventure to SPES. A lot of jokes, laughter, positive energy and[...]
Trip to Western Serbia – Uvac, Tijanje, Monastery Sretenje
In August 2017, we organized a nice trip for members of our association. On that occasion we visited Potpećka cave,[...]

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