The Days of Bread and Wine 2016

”The Days of Bread and Wine” manifestation took place on 29th March in the beautiful ambiance of a Vojvodina style house on the Vila Ravijojla estate in Krčedin. The event was organised by Lisa Brown, owner of the estate and president of SPES, and it marks the fourth consecutive year of this festival taking place, with the guest numbers ever growing.

After a brief welcome from Lisa Brown, Aleksandar Kojić, president of the Wine Order of St George, addressed the guests. This was followed by a ceremony of admitting new members into the wine order.

Besides the wine knights’ representatives, many business people attended. Guests came in from all former Yugoslavian countries, and Teresa Rask, Women Entrepreneurship Ambassador from Sweden, arrived just for this occasion.

The love of wine brought together aficionados, so famous wineries brought out their wine, including Bermet, Despotika, Vino Jug and Mačkov kamen.

Just like every year, traditional Serbian delicacies were there to be enjoyed together with the wine.

The great atmosphere was further improved by a tamburica orchestra. The old hits kept coming, so many of the guests even sang along.

At the end of the event, the hosts announced a Bean Fest taking place in autumn, together with the Harvest Festival.