Our Members
All our members have independent careers, artistic preferences and desire to help others.

Milena Vićević

Director of the Regional Center for Professional Development of Employees in Education, in City of Uzice. Lecturer in trainings on gender equality, participant in many projects about education.

Gordana Savić

Since 2017, she is member of the Council for Gender Equality of the City of Uzice. She is also coordinator of numerous projects about socio-economic empowerment of women.

Biljana Pejić

Born in Belgrade, a lawyer by profession, works in private law practice. She has been running a law office since 1989.

Tanja Mihajlović

Tanja is 37 years old and lives in a village near Negotin, in Eastern Serbia. She owns a goat's farm named Agrotourism, and her goal is to offer to her guests a home-grown products.

Slađana Vasiljević

She is Construction Engineer for Structures, with specialization for Hydroconstructions and Bridges. Her staying in Cyprus for couple of years changed her "specialization", so the construction of concrete and steel bridges was replaced by some other bridges, between Cyprus and Serbia, which she builds from the position of Assistant consular and administrative attaché of the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Belgrade.

Vesna de Vinča

Vesna de Vinča – born Jugović, is author of several TV shows, journalist, writer, director and a film producer.

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Ivana Zdravković

Born in Belgrade, but she lived in America and Italy. She graduated from the University of Geneva, Department of International Relations. She speaks English, Italian, French and Czech. She is an activist in the Red Cross for over 40 years, a consultant in the United Nations, an activist of the fund Save the Children, an active member and a member of the board of the International Women's Club, a donor and a humanitarian.

Verica Amidžić

An English professor and owner of the private English school ANGLIA in Bijeljina.

Zorica Antić

She was born in 1954 in Aleksinac, where she finished elementary and high school. She graduated at the Faculty of Philosophy in City of Niš, Department of English Language and Literature, in 1979. She got her master's degree in 2006, on subject "Lexicon with medical topics in English and Serbian language". In 2008, in Belgrade, she earned PhD degree, on subject "Application of modern language and methodological principles for improving the English language for medicine".

Dr Slavica Jašić

She is Head of the Department for Pre-school and Primary Education at Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development in Serbia.

Danijela Ljubojević

She was born in City of Niš, but lives and works in Belgrade. She is an English teacher at the Metropolitan University and at the elementary school "Miroslav Antić" in Belgrade.

Tamara Lucia Perović

Psychologist and consultant for private psychological practice. She participated in academic research in psychology and at ​

conferences for psychologists, in the country and abroad.

Mirjana Knežević

She was born in Čačak in 1980. She is an engineer of graphic technology, but she is engaged in tourism. She is the owner of the tourist agency "Lazena", based in Čačak. The focus of the agency is educational-tourism, through teaching in nature, excursions, and camps for children and youth.

Danica Galović

Born in 1949 in Vrbas, graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education in Belgrade. She is now retired, but still active. For the past 20 years she has been engaged in mediation, in the sale of real estate, for the law office Lazar Pisarević in Belgrade.

Snežana Marinković

She was born in 1969, and is a law graduate, living and working in City of Niš. She has many years of experience working on television.

Jasna Saković

She works at the Institute of Rheumatology in Belgrade as a senior physiotherapist since 2015. From 2001 to 2015, she worked at hospital "Dr. Simo Milosević" in Belgrade.

Snežana Pavlović

Born 1962 in Belgrade. Cosmetician by occupation, for 27 years she runs with success "Kozmetik Studio N", on address Majke Jevrosime 17, in Belgrade.

Jelena Janjic

Jelena (age 28) has a Master's degree in Meteorology from the Faculty of Physics, University of Belgrade. She concluded her doctoral studies in Oceanography at University College Dublin in Dublin, Republic of Ireland and was a receiver of a Science Foundation Ireland stipend.

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