The main premise of this association is that women can help each other, not only in their businesses, but also in any form of self-realization. By exchange of information, ideas and experiences, members are always well informed. In a productive and creative environment, with good advice when needed, all issues can be solved.

SPES at Tourism Fair
Many missed our gatherings and travels. As we promised, we worked hard on designing new travel tours. For this reason,[...]
Traditional English Sunday Lunch
Dear members, On Sunday, February 17th 2019, a traditional Sunday lunch was organized by the British Serbian Society at restaurant[...]
Opening of a new shop of English porcelain
A new store of English porcelain has been opened within the business complex of The English Book at Staro sajmiste[...]
Organic fruit and vegetables donated to a soup kitchen with the Serbian Orthodox Church
This event was organized so as to commemorate the Harvest Festival, which is celebrated all around the world, under different[...]
Gathering in Skadarlija
Members of the SPES association gathered on 22nd June at the Home of Đura Jakšić, in Belgrade, for a wine[...]
The Days of Bread and Wine 2016
''The Days of Bread and Wine'' manifestation took place on 29th March in the beautiful ambiance of a Vojvodina style[...]

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