Lake Ohrid 2018

One weekend in October this year, our members visited Lake Ohrid.

During this two-day excursion, our cheerful company visited all the most important sights of Lake Ohrid and its surroundings. First of all, we visited monasteries and churches – the Monastery of Saint Naum, Monasteru of Saint Clement, Church of Saint Panteleimon, Church of Saint Sofia etc.

Furthermore, members of the SPES Women’s Association enjoyed buying interesting traditional items in old craft stores, and we also enjoyed the culinary specialties of nearby restaurants, at very affordable prices.

We all had a wonderful time, as always, and we are eagerly awaiting new trips, organized by our Association!

Trip to Budapest

Mid-October, a three-day trip to Budapest and a new adventure to SPES. A lot of jokes, laughter, positive energy and a cheerful atmosphere from the very beginning promised a nice gathering. Our blue van runs in a sunny day towards Hungary, and our story has no end.

Three days passed as a moment. With a smile we wake up ready to visit this beautiful city, a whole day walk through the old part of Budapest – Budim, romantic bridges lead us from one river bank to another, we wander along the banks of the blue Danube and all this spiced with Hungarian goulash and black wine in Vaca street. With laughter, we are looking for beauty in everything and we are competing for who will make a more interesting photo. Sometimes we ask our driver Pele to stop the van, so that we can catch another beauty around with our camera.

Somewhere someone wrote: I saw more than I remember, and I remember more than I saw. That’s why we share our travel photos with everyone to show them the specialty of every moment we’ve been through. And we look at them over and over again in order to remember that we would not forget anything.

This is the second part of the story about the joint journey of SPES members that will never end. To be continued…