About Us

SPES is an association of successful women from varied walks of life. It originated as a broader circle of friends, social and professional acquaintances, all successful women in their respective fields, with the idea to use their connections in order to direct young women of all profiles and to provide a starting point for all women who want to start off or improve their careers and their life in general. Having realised that many women feel alone and in need of support and practical advice when realising their endeavours, they decided to join forces and bring about change though cooperation.

Over time, the members’ goals and visions crystallized and took shape, and on 31st January 2017 this network of successful visionaries officially registered as an association, under the name “SPES”. Naming their new association after the ancient Roman goddess of hope, they set out to help, inspire and guide other women. As the main goal of their association, they chose offering opportunities for fellow women to use this network of likeminded people to improve their business, private, artistic and spiritual endeavours and needs.

Benefits of being a member

The advantages SPES offers to its members are based on unity and cooperation. The basic premise of this association is that, by furthering connections and making new acquaintances, women can support each other fully, both when it comes to business and when it comes to any other form of self-expression. By encouraging networking, the association helps women find new business contacts. Promoting an exchange in information, ideas, and experience, keeps the members informed about relevant current events, and creates a productive, creative environment where good advice, practical help and answers to any pertinent questions are easy to find. Using their experience and connections, the members of SPES are there to inform, help and educate all who are willing and eager join in their efforts.

Moreover, this association can also promote the goods and services made or offered by any of its members, by perusing the other members’ networking pool, connecting people from all areas of business, both in Serbia and abroad.

Get practical skills

SPES members can even teach those interested some practical skills needed to start up and develop one’s business, especially in the fields of marketing, sales, and finance management – such as: how to position oneself on the market, how to establish an efficient communication with associates and customers, what the most important rules and most common errors are, how to use new technologies to their fullest potential, how to best manage your finances etc.

International cooperation

SPES strives to support the flow of healthy, creative, innovative ideas and it values the work and will of all its members. The ladies who founded SPES have already garnered the attention of similar associations in the Balkans, namely the women’s associations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Croatia. They are also interested in cooperating and working with similar associations in Sweden and throughout Europe.

All of the current members have individual careers, artistic propensities and a love of helping others.

Travel in Serbia and abroad

Our members enjoy the possibility of traveling in Serbia and abroad, at very affordable prices.

Testimonials of our members


Connecting through the SPES is certainly significant and useful in many ways. We get new business ideas and new skills, and meet people and network. Through out joined travels, we get the opportunity to visit new places, meet new people, get new experience, and expand our mind in every sense. It is nice that the association is growing and gathers members from various business spheres and cities, through various types of cooperation and socializing. By cooperation with other associations, SPES certainly has the chance to expand its work in the future, in a good way.

Snežana Marinković

Diplomirani pravnik, živi i radi u Nišu


SPES provides support for economic empowerment of women. Challenges and development opportunity in Serbia and the region. Improving the transfer of knowledge, skills and human resources development. They solve problems of financing entrepreneurs, especially small entrepreneurs, women farmers and their businesses. Connectivity, help, networking ... SPES works on solutions work tirelessly. Travel and nice gatherings contribute to better cooperation and expansion of the perspective.

Ivana Zdravković

/ An activist in the Red Cross and humanists in many projects

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