SPES at Tourism Fair

Many missed our gatherings and travels. As we promised, we worked hard on designing new travel tours.

For this reason, we visited the Tourism Fair in Belgrade, where we consulted with our friend and business partner Billy Vulovic, in order to present you many interesting tours and destinations.

Soon we will surprise you with numerous travel tours! Follow us and be free to write to us, because soon we will receive new members. We invite you to contact us if you want to become a member of our association.

Traditional English Sunday Lunch

Dear members,

On Sunday, February 17th 2019, a traditional Sunday lunch was organized by the British Serbian Society at restaurant Jerry’s in Dedinje, where we enjoyed traditional English food, socializing, meeting new friends and creating new opportunities. We hope that you will join us at the next gathering.

Opening of a new shop of English porcelain

A new store of English porcelain has been opened within the business complex of The English Book at Staro sajmiste in Belgrade, run by Lisa Brown, president of Women’s Association SPES.

Few members of our Association visited Mrs. Brown’s new store to support her and wish success in future. English tea and biscuits were served, and our members had the opportunity to take a look at premium English porcelain, that is available now in Belgrade at affordable prices.

The products can also be purchased at The English Book’s online store and can be viewed here.

Lake Ohrid 2018

One weekend in October this year, our members visited Lake Ohrid.

During this two-day excursion, our cheerful company visited all the most important sights of Lake Ohrid and its surroundings. First of all, we visited monasteries and churches – the Monastery of Saint Naum, Monasteru of Saint Clement, Church of Saint Panteleimon, Church of Saint Sofia etc.

Furthermore, members of the SPES Women’s Association enjoyed buying interesting traditional items in old craft stores, and we also enjoyed the culinary specialties of nearby restaurants, at very affordable prices.

We all had a wonderful time, as always, and we are eagerly awaiting new trips, organized by our Association!

Trip to Budapest

Mid-October, a three-day trip to Budapest and a new adventure to SPES. A lot of jokes, laughter, positive energy and a cheerful atmosphere from the very beginning promised a nice gathering. Our blue van runs in a sunny day towards Hungary, and our story has no end.

Three days passed as a moment. With a smile we wake up ready to visit this beautiful city, a whole day walk through the old part of Budapest – Budim, romantic bridges lead us from one river bank to another, we wander along the banks of the blue Danube and all this spiced with Hungarian goulash and black wine in Vaca street. With laughter, we are looking for beauty in everything and we are competing for who will make a more interesting photo. Sometimes we ask our driver Pele to stop the van, so that we can catch another beauty around with our camera.

Somewhere someone wrote: I saw more than I remember, and I remember more than I saw. That’s why we share our travel photos with everyone to show them the specialty of every moment we’ve been through. And we look at them over and over again in order to remember that we would not forget anything.

This is the second part of the story about the joint journey of SPES members that will never end. To be continued…

Organic fruit and vegetables donated to a soup kitchen with the Serbian Orthodox Church

This event was organized so as to commemorate the Harvest Festival, which is celebrated all around the world, under different names, such as Thanksgiving Day etc. For this occasion, a large amount of organic fruit and vegetables grown on the estate was donated to a soup kitchen with the Serbian Orthodox Church in Belgrade. This event was organised by Lisa Brown, the owner of the estate and the president of SPES.

After Lisa Brown welcomed the guests, Robin Fox, an Anglican priest in Belgrade, made a speech. He reminded everyone of the significance of charity and helping those in need, and then read a prayer of gratitude for the successful harvest.

The guests later relaxed while sampling delicious, quality wine, chosen by attending wine knights.

Lunch was prepared by many professionals and enthusiasts, because the menu consisted of four been dishes and various salads. Four teams fought to win over the guests and get the “Best Bean Dish” award: valjevsko-šumadijski, sembersko-fruškogorski, bosansko-krčedinski and krajiški. The manifestation was part whimsical, part competitive, with a goal to have a good bite to eat and even better fun.

The teams had professional help in the form cooking school students from Novi Sad. Their engagement at the event was rewarded with recipe books with specialties from all over the world.

The merry atmosphere of the event chased away the clouds over Krčedin, and the entertainment was made complete with song and tamburica music.

Gathering in Skadarlija

Members of the SPES association gathered on 22nd June at the Home of Đura Jakšić, in Belgrade, for a wine book promotion.

How to recognise quality wine, how to properly serve wine, and how to match wine with a meal were some of the topics covered. Our members showed great interest in the topic, because many of them are members of the Wine Order of St George.

After the promotion concluded, the members moved on to the ”Dva jelena” restaurant in Skadarlija. The local culinary specialties, the fine wine and a tamburica orchestra made all of the ladies delighted.

The evening went by in a pleasant atmosphere, filled with laughter and positive energy.